About Synnix

Born in Taiwan, Synnix is focusing on Smart Card reader solution for consistently delivering to this industry the most reliable and cost effective devices and solutions for their platforms. It has been well established for the past 17 years, it soon becomes recognized as one of Taiwan's leading design houses of smart card interface chips and manufacture relevant modules. We design our own smart card chips as well as the card readers. We also provide the service to help our customers develop their unique device.

Over the past ten years our Syn SmartTM chip solution solutions have found favour with some of the largest and most complex systems in the world. Today, our systems can be found inside PC card readers, handheld device and identifier in transports system.

With more contactless mobile phones have been announced in recently, Synnix has successfully developed the wireless module solution to support RFID contactless mobile phones. With this technology you can easy to connect the contactless module to your PC, and then pay the payment with your contactless mobile phone in your home.

Synnix is a hardware components provider. We develop our technologies for the Smart Card Smart Card and application layer security solutions as well as firmware and device driver development. Our business is also driven by our customers’ demands for bring better solid technologies into faster and unique environments.

Synnix solutions are designed from the ground up to work in some of the most demanding and critical technology environments, where a single chip implementation into handheld application, or complex integrated system environments. We are trusted to provide visibility when fear of missing something really matters.

Our history

Synnix started life since December, 2001. We announced the first Synnix chip solution with passed the EMV and obtained the certificate from EMVCo at next year. In the 2003, Synnix announced the STD200 chip as well the Synnix first designed Smart Card Reader. Over the past 15 years, we have involved many customers’ product design from signal device to complex integrated systems.

Why our customers choose us

The benefits

The solution Synnix provided to our customers is not only hardware chip portion but also provides the firmware implementation and problems fix. Synnix also help the customers to get EMV Co type approval. This can reduce the development time for their produce. When our customers buy our solution they buy the confidence that all of the applications that they choose to run will be presented in successful status.