In appreciating that additional technical support is sometimes required, Synnix has provided this technical support section to answer the more detailed issues that may be encountered by engineers using Synnix devices. Here also can be found the latest software downloads for the range of Synnix's supporting tools. While Synnix is willing to answer customer requests on technical IC related issues.

  Below is the latest software for our smart card reader, chips and some other utilities can be downloaded. These sections are under continual review and should be checked regularly for the most recent updates. It should be noted that the information supplied here is for reference only and is not intended to replace the information in the data sheets.


The drivers and utilities have been designed along with their range of supporting tools to complement their range of devices. However, as new devices are released and as improvements are added to the supporting tools, new releases of drivers and utilities are invariably required. The user can list and download the required driver or utility from the relevant section.

You can find the Drivers or Document for your product as listed below.