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SynSmart™ technology is the answer to the increasing demand for smart card readers in applications such as electronic commerce, healthcare, electronic purse, access control, etc. It makes easy for a designer to integrate a smart card interface in any electronic equipment like PCs, network computers, cellular phones, keyboards, set-top boxes, payphones, ATM, vending machines, terminals, etc.

SynSmart™ provides the essential functionality and major specification in smart card industry.


SynSmart™ 技術是應用於需求不斷增加的智慧卡讀取裝置中,如電子商務,醫療保健,電子錢包,存取控制等,這使得開發工程師很容易整合任何電子設備,如電腦、網路系統、手機、鍵盤、機上盒、附費電話機、自動取款機、自動售貨機、終端機等。

SynSmart™ 提供了智慧卡行業的基本功能和主要規範


SynSmart™ 技术是应用于需求不断增加的智能卡读卡器中,如电子商务,医疗保健,电子货币包,访问控制等,这使得开发工程师很容易整合任何电子设备,如计算机、网络系统、手机、键盘、机顶盒、附费电话机、自动取款机、自动售货机、终端机等。

SynSmart™ 提供了智能卡行业的基本功能和主要规范。

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SynSmart™ è la risposta alla crescente domanda di lettori di smart card in applicazioni quali il commercio elettronico, l'assistenza sanitaria, borsellino elettronico, controllo accessi, ecc rende facile per un progettista di integrare una interfaccia smart card in tutte le apparecchiature elettroniche come computer, computer di rete, telefoni cellulari, tastiere, set-top box, telefoni pubblici, bancomat, distributori automatici, terminali, ecc

SynSmart™ fornisce le funzionalità essenziali e le specifiche importante nel settore smart card.


Hardware Contact Product

SynSmart™ Reader and Module


The STD200R is a USB smart card readerproviding the interface both USB and standard serial RS-232 bus between smart card and....


The STD200M is a smart card reader module which provides the interface both USB and standard serial RS-232 bus between smart card and host system....


The STD100M is a security Access Module which provides the standard RS-232 interface between smart card and host system. It can be provided up to six card slots....

SynSmart™ Reader and Module


The STD200T is a portable, 7 cm mini-reader with an USB-plug on the one side and an insertion both SIM and smart card....

SynSmart™ Chip Set


The STD100 was developed to provide the designer with a single multi-function device offering a flexible and easy way to connect to the smart cards. By using the STD100, the designer eliminates the task of assuring ISO 7816....


The STD200 is a new generation and single–chip solutions providing the interface both USB and standard serial RS-232 bus between smart card and host system. It offers multiple PC connections, as well as support for most microprocessor on the market....